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Guide for Textiles Website Development & Design

If you are looking for a complete guide for textile website development, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to develop a website for textile or clothing manufacturers, B2C online saller and B2B Online seller.

It doesn’t matter your textile business is a handloom project or you operate an automatic mill, developing a website is an essential approach to represent your business online and make your business global. An online presence will enable you to grow your market faster by taking online orders 24 hours automatically.

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If you are confused about making a website for your textile business and have a lot of questions, this article will clear almost all your confusion and queries regarding textile website development.

Types of Textile Websites as per your requirement

A variety of types of textile and clothing websites are available on the internet and you have to filter it but It’s very important to have an overall knowledge of different types of textile websites so that you can choose your website type according to your business needs.

Basically, 3 types of textile websites are most common and popular.

Online Brochure Website

A brochure website is a digital version of a printed website where the products or services of your company listed in printed form. Here you have no option to sell the product or service online. You can add some visually impactful photos of your products with short information. This kind of website mainly use for running a display ad banner ad, facebook ad and other social media display ad.

Informative Textile Website

This kinds of website mainly create for sharing only information regarding business, products, category and services of a textile business. Here you have no option to sale their product product online. People may buy the product through a phone call.

This kinds of website mainly choose a business owner having manufacturing factory and selling their product on bulk order. This kinds of website you may develop between 5000 to 20000 thousand depending upon static and dynamic framework.

  • Static textile informative Website – In this category business owner have no control to modify or change website data it self. You need a support of website developer for any change in website. This type of website you may order at 5000/.
  • Dynamic textile informative website – In this category, business owner have full control to modify or change website data it self. You need not need a support of website developer for any change in website. This type of website you may order at 12000 to 20000.

One-Page Template Textile Website

You can create a textile website with only a single page template. In this website type, you just need nice pictures and your contact details. This is one kinds of informative static or dynamic website having a single page with different section. This kinds of website you may order between 5000 to 7000.

Whenever you decide to create your one-page website, make sure your website will be fully mobile responsive. You can build a list of huge prospective customers through an email list building feature.

E-Commerce Textile Website

An E-commerce website is the most popular type of website in the entire textile and clothing manufacturing industry. You can sell your textile products directly from an e-commerce website.

For this type of website, you need to integrate secured payment features, a shopping cart, etc. You can build a E-commerce Website development (single vendor or Multi Vendor) for selling your own products or you can build a multi-vendor e-commerce website for connecting several textile merchants to various types of customers.

  • Single Vendor E-commerce Website – Here Website owner have full control of the website. Owner have option to add, edit and delete their property and sale their property through website. We integrate the payment gateway to collect the payment online. The development and design cost of a single vendor e-commerce website is vary between 20K to 50K. Mobile application development cost is not included in this.
  • Multi Vendor E-commerce Website – A textile website having option to register for a vendor to list their products for sale. This is call B2B textile website. Here admin have full control of website. Admin may edit the vendor details, delete or block the vendor account, May set premium or free account and many more. We are Expert in all. The development and design cost of a multi vendor e-commerce website is vary between 40K to 90K. Mobile application development cost is not included in this.

How to Build a Textile Website

Building a textile website is simpler than you think. You can build your textile website simply by following these steps –

  1. Register your website domain
  2. Take a web hosting service
  3. Outline your website
  4. Choose theme
  5. Crete site menus
  6. Create necessary pages

You need a website development tool like WordPress to develop your textile website. Different tools have different features and facilities to design and develop a website. You need to choose your website development tools according to your business requirements and budget.

It’s highly recommended to get your textile website development works done by an experienced and reliable development company like HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Register Your Website Domain

At the first step of your website development process, you need to select your website name and check availability in a domain business site like GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc. If you see your selected name is available then buy it immediately before anyone else does. Once your website domain name is registered, on one but only you can use this domain for your website.

Take A Web Hosting Service

Next, you have to get a web hosting service. Your web host stores all website contents including texts, images, videos, etc. so that anyone can access your data 24 X 7 across the year.

Outline Your Website

Then you should outline your whole website design. You can consider how many pages your website should contain like homepage, about us page, products page, etc. Creating an outline will help you build your website more efficiently.

Choose Your Website Theme

Your website should look professional and trendy. You need to choose a business-appealing and responsive theme for your website. You can get a free theme as well paid according to your choice. You can check out multiple theme sites and select one to download for your website.

Your website theme should be responsive to all the internet devices like mobile, desktop, laptop, tab, etc. so that your website can be viewed to all through any devices.

Create Site Menus

Creating site menus helps your visitors find out their preferred pages immediately. It may help save your visitors’ time as well as rank your website higher in the search engines.

Create Necessary Pages

Create necessary pages with relevant content for your website. You can create as many pages as you need for your business, there is no limit. The more content you create, the better.

Get Your Textile Business Global

Having a website for your textile business helps you take orders 24 hours a day throughout the week. Your business gets a global presence and huge opportunities.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to take headaches of all the website development hassles for your textile business, just leave it on us and remain completely headache-free.

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