Money Transfer API Provider

Oldest and trusted money transfer API provider in India. We offer high security instant money transfer API with free API integration. Use our API and transfer online money at any time from anywhere in India.

Value Of Money Transfer API

For any kind of business nowadays online approach is mandatory and if you are providing an option of online transaction, money transfer is an important factor as it’s all about the money. So, you must provide your customers the most flexible way of payments. HTSM offers latest technologies for money transfer API and we cover both NEFT and IMPS channel for money transferring.

Instant Money Transfer API

For instant money transfer, it is important that your payment options are ready to cover all the renowned as well as global banks. This is our specialization. You customers will be able to transfer money from anywhere using any bank’s debit and credit option. Besides having a business payment options our integrated API also provide instant money transfer option.

If you are running a phone company a telecommunication one, our provided money transfer API solution will bring the maximum business. So, do not be late. Just link our professionals to integrate a faster money transfer solution in a better and convenient way.

Legal API Provider

Online Money Transfer services are the latest offerings by many websites. You can add Money Transfer service in your website easily which is fully complied with RBI guidelines.

Our Money transfer surcharge is also very low. Download surcharge calculation sheet of our Money Transfer service

Limit of Fund Transfer:
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Rs. 100
  • Limit of Fund Transfer per transaction Rs. 5000
  • Limit of Fund Transfer per month Rs. 25000

We are offering Online Money Transfer API and the portal development to give facility to your agents to use Online Money Transfer service from your website.