Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a means to balance economic, social and environmental objectives. It is a responsible way of doing business. Society is an integral part of our existence; we recognize this and try to contribute for welfare of the society.

HTSM believes in conducting its business based on strong ethical practices.

Being a software company, our services/product has a limited impact on the environment. Our company actively makes an effort to abide by the ethics of reduce, re-cycle and re-use. To improve the re-usability in the society we have launched one campaign to donate your all old items which are not in use, as per our program local NGO will collect the item and NGO will distributor the old items to needy people.

Be Social and Donate something via.

Several studies indicate that people give more if they are convinced that their contributions are making a difference. To create a sustainable giving culture, one would therefore need to ensure that the donations are channeled efficiently to the most effective organizations.

K. Prakash, Our Managing director is associated with Calcutta Chaurasia Welfare Society as Publicity Secretary (2013 - 2017), and as Treasurer (2018-2020)

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