E-commerce website design and development cost in Kolkata.

What’s the cost of e-commerce website design and development? – This is the most asked question an e-commerce aspirant often asks a website development service provider. Keep reading to learn almost everything about e-commerce website design and development including pricing.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a process of doing commercial transactions through the internet. The main goal of an e-commerce website is to give sellers as well as buyers all the necessary transactional features in the best possible way so that a commercial transaction can be done in the easiest and secure manner.

Nowadays, it’s essential for businesses to have an e-commerce website for doing business processes online. The online shopping industry is growing drastically and if your business doesn’t have an online presence, then you are losing a huge business opportunity. According to some renowned business researchers, any business cannot be survived without an online presence in the coming future. 

In an e-commerce business, a website matters everything. Your website can make your e-commerce business or break your e-commerce business. Your website should be very attractive and relevant with proper informational and transactional contents and features as per visitors’ requirements.

The quality and efficiency of an e-commerce website only depend on website design and development. A good e-commerce website is like a money machine that can generate revenue for your business effortlessly and consistently.

HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is providing the best quality e-commerce website design and development solutions in Kolkata as well as all over the India at a very affordable and competitive cost. We have been working for more than 18 years in the field of software and website development industry.

At HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we have in-depth expertise on each and every latest and trending e-commerce feature that can help your e-commerce business grow faster. If you’re facing short of time, nevertheless, we can help you as we have ready to deliver e-commerce projects including multi-vendor as well as single-vendor.

Features You Should Consider for E-Commerce Website Design and Development

  • Payment gateway integration with pay in-store and pay on delivery
  • Blog integration
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Data collection
  • User-friendly CMS
  • Live chat system
  • Aesthetic design with pixel graphic
  • Server security
  • Secured data back up
  • Secured data encryption
  • Shipping/delivery option
  • Data Analytics
  • Tax implementation
  • CAPTCHA feature
  • QR code
  • Image zooming facility
  • Oder notifications by mail/SMS
  • Most viewed products/services
  • Coupon code generation (manually/auto)
  • Order history report
  • Wishlist adding 
  • Stock availability 
  • Forgot password option
  • Easy and flexible admin portal
  • Dynamic sitemap
  • Contact us form
  • Lead nurturing (CRM)
  • Return policy
  • Order status checking
  • SEO of products/services
  • API integration
  • Invoice generation
  • Dynamic products listing

These are some basic e-commerce website features every e-commerce business should have.

Why Consider Choosing Us

  • 16 years of experience in the website and software development industry
  • Versatile expertise and in-depth knowledge of the latest e-commerce trends
  • World-class e-commerce website solutions provider at affordable cost 
  • Technical support after installation
  • Ready e-commerce projects for immediate delivery
  • Transparent billing, no hidden charges
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients’ testimonials
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Costing for e-commerce website design and development in Kolkata

E-commerce website design and development costing depends on a variety of factors like –

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Single or multi-vendor
  • Required features
  • Size of business
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) web services integration
  • And many more

In Kolkata and associated eastern India, the price of a normal e-commerce website might be started from anywhere between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 25000 according to your business needs. This is only for starting price of an e-commerce website. More features you want to add to your e-commerce portal, the price will be higher accordingly.

Connect us to know about costing of your customized e-commerce website design and development.

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