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Best Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

HTSM Technologies is the best mobile app development company in Kolkata. We have expertization to develop mobile applications for Windows, iOS and Android platform and cross platform by using Ionic framework.

So, you have launched your online business approach and getting more business. Why don’t you make an extension of the same by launching a mobile application. People tend to make online transactions for least effort and now it is the time of mobile screens. Users do not like to make fewer clicks to make a search for your website on the web, but they deserve direct access to your place using their mobile phones. To place an application on the mobile screen, you have to launch a mobile application and it is not only a touch of advanced digitization, but the best as well as a flexible way to reduce the distance between your business point and your targeted audience.

To make it possible, initially you will have a need of some professionals who are engaged in developing mobile application. The expertise of such professionals will determine the flexibility of the apps and it is very important for user satisfaction. Simply, if you are providing a transport service, people can hire your support using an application over their mobile phones. In that concern, you have to remember the fact that the respective app should be supportive to all kinds of mobile device.


Why Hire HTSM Technologies as a App Development Company

Various businesses seek varied kinds of mobile app designs and HTSM has brought some latest and trendy mobile app solutions. Some usual benefits of hiring mobile app developers in Kolkata from HTSM:- Professionals are highly experienced after implementing uncountable mobile apps.

  • We know the Exact Standard of Development
  • Flexible Incorporation of Indispensable Features
  • Instant Solutions of Regular Glitches if There is Any
  • Leverage from Powerful Project Management Tools
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Proven App Development Methodologies
  • Quicker Support in a Cost Effective Way
  • Save Time and Money
  • Simplicity and User Friendly Design
  • High Loading Speed
  • Payment and Social Media Tools Integration
best mobile app development company in kolkata

Besides that, the professionals will provide all the necessary knowledge and requirements as you are a novice in the field. To maintain the service status and changes in products, it is important to have a constant support for your mobile app and in that concern HTSM will prove the best. Besides the implementation works and management, we also provide additional security support along with some latest marketing tricks that users will be more delighted to have your app support. So, do not get hassle to hire a mobile app developer, but link with our professionals to experience the maximum benefits of mobile apps just in your affordable cost.

iOS Mobile App Developer

As more and more people globally get hooked to internet through various mobile devices it is but natural for you to have the best mobile app developed for your business. Along with android based devices the use and popularity of iOS based devices have grown by leaps and bound. To tap into this mega opportunity of the use of iOS based devices having the right iOS based mobile apps have become extremely necessary. However for having the right iOS app development you need the experts in the field.

Android Mobile App Developer

Studies show that by 2020 most of the internet devices like the traditional desktop and laptop computers will get replaced with mobile devices. Thus to survive in the current market place you need the right mobile apps. When it comes to mobile app development android is one of the most popular and widely used open source platform for most mobile devices. Thus with the right Android app you can bring about a sea change in your business and leverage growth multi fold at minimum costs.

We have the best team of web developer and app developer who deliver the best results based on your requirements at the most affordable price. Have the customized Android app developed for your business with us and see the difference.

Windows Mobile App Developer

The popularity of windows based mobile devices have grown rapidly in recent times. Much of it is because the operating system is simple, user friendly and secure. Another advantage with it is that users are already familiar because it is similar to the operating used on PCs. Thus you need to tap into this great business opportunity with right Windows app for your business. This is why HTSM brings for you the best windows app development at the most affordable rates for you.

We have expert windows app developers who would develop the right windows apps to leverage maximum growth for your business. So no matter what ever be your business needs we can have the right windows app developed with HTSM. So get in touch with the best windows app development Company in Kolkata today and see the difference it brings.

Flutter APP Developer - Single Solution for All Platform

Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) made by google. It’s one of the best open sources of cross-platform apps development framework. Flatter is highly useful for the development of Android apps, iOS apps, and Web apps. Flatter offers a single code base cross-platform apps development service that faster the development process.

If you’re looking for a cross-platform apps development service that can increase your ROI with a minimum period of time, then you should obviously consider our flatter app development services.

Technologies We Use To

Develop Your Mobile App

HTSM's Portfolios of Mobile App Development Services

HTSM Technologies is the best mobile app development company in Kolkata. We have expertization to develop mobile applications for Windows, iOS and Android platform andcross platform by using Ionic framework.



Wevidh comes from a Sanskrit word, 'Vividh' meaning Diversity. Wevidh is an online marketplace that brings unique sellers from the diverse landscape of India under one roof.

In a land of diversity, Wevidh takes a step towards providing an experience of the local and street markets of India and its specialities to online customers. Our platform strives to promote small businesses and local products.

At Wevidh, we bridge the gap between the customers and these unique, undiscovered treasure trove of sellers that most of India is still unaware of.

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Ambuja MDP

Ambuja MDP

Ambuja MDP app is a innovation in Cement industry that will ensure its Channel partners to actively participate in market development to reach bigger milestones.Its a tool provided to all Sales Officer & Technical Officers of Ambuja Cement so that the degree of involvement can be measured, validated and rewarded accordingly. It also gives a option to Ambuja Sales Officer for planning, rescheduling and tracking various Channel engagement programs and evaluation of the same on a ongoing basis.Gone are the days when one has to carry a laptop or refer to back offices for Sales performance of Dealers & ARS. Ambuja MDP app is handy and is a guiding tool enabling Sales Officer & Technical officer to drive its Channel partners for better sales performance.

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TGP Packaging

TGP Packaging

TGP PACKAGING PVT LTD is one of India’s largest packaging machine manufacturers. The company has been established to develop, construct packaging solution projects both in India as well as internationally. The Company has extensive experience in the service field of different packaging machines backed by a dedicated service team. Our people help commercial and public sector clients solve their toughest challenges by modernizing their business processes, applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions. We are engaged in continuous improvement of products and processes to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness in order to build value for our customers.

Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt. Ltd.

Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt. Ltd.

About Liebigs
An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation
The Company, Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt. Ltd., is endowed with an excellent heritage. The ideology of the company descends from the then Research & Development Division of erstwhile Fertilizer Corporation of India. The inmate Scientists and Engineers of this Organization were belonging to, the then Fertilizer Corporation of India, a Govt. of India undertaking.
Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt. Ltd is a multidisciplinary organization with five different working domains viz. Agricultural Chemicals Division, Seeds Division, Organic & Bio-Products Division, Horticulture & Landscaping Division and Tissue Culture Division.

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Dhruva Art

Dhruva Art - Leading Art Gallery of India

Dhruva Art is one of the leading art galleries of India and has been one of the most prolific platforms for budding artists. Staring from cultural to traditional wall paintings to sculptures, Dhruva Art has emerged as a one-stop destination to choose excellent artists. The pricing of the products available are extremely affordable, and they come with great value to the person buying them.
Dhruva Art was started by a team of a young and dynamic group of professionals who look forward to promote art and paintings. HTSM has developed the mobile app and enabled the brand to reach to common people easily.

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Team Spy is one of the most modern tracking mobile applications that let you track your family members, colleagues, sales team members, and many others around you. The great thing about this app is that it helps you to have real-time details of the person you are tracking. You can also have a look at the route history of all those people on the map.
This app comes with quality assurance from Google as it uses accurate location according to the maps of Google. You can have both satellite and map view options, and this makes the tracking even easier. All you need to do is to register with the app and refer to the person whom you want to track. If the person you referred already has the app, then simply click on add member and look at the person's live location details.

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Insect Pests of Poplar

Insect Pests of Poplar

The uses of mobile are very wide and common now-a-days in India, to utilize this opportunity to extend the research findings of various researcher of the country, this mobile based tool has been developed. The “Insect Pests Poplar” application is designed for easy operation by the users and this app will help to identify the major insect pests of poplar (Populus deltoides W. Bartram ex Marshall) in India and will assist for their effective management. This tool will be useful for the farmers, foresters, extension workers, students and researchers associated with poplar cultivation and management...

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Dairy Supply Chain App

Dairy Supply Chain App

Product management , Order creation from app by distributor, order confirmation , crate management, ordering shift like morning shift/evening shift, wallet balance management , order will process by using wallet balance, Credit limit facility.

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