What is the cost of web design in Kolkata?

In India Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata are generally known as top IT hubs of India. compared to other cities Kolkata is the best city to execute your web designing works with significantly lesser cost without compromising the quality of work. We know, Saltlake SEC-V is IT hub of Kolkata where you can find top notch software/web development Companies and HTSM Technologies is one of them.

Kolkata is the best city for website designing and developing at affordable cost for any category of business. Htsm is running on same platform since 2003 and known as oldest software company in Kolkata. As per me web designing cost is totally relative thing which depends on various factors like categories of business, numbers of web pages, quality of work and submission date of a project but It might be 3000 or 30000 or even 300000. Because every business has it’s own core brand value to propagate, own design to interact and own vision to scale up the business. Designing cost of static sites are depended upon number of pages and it’s customisation. For home page design cost is 2000 to 3000 and for each page charge 500.

So, there is no fit for all size type of solution when you are planning to design your website. Rather a designer should analyse your business in depth to display those elements in a structured website. In 2020 web design is not just about good looks. Now it’s about enhanced user experienced, it’s about accelerated mobile pages to load your website very quickly, it’s about design intelligence to higher conversion rate and it’s about SEO friendliness to rank your website higher on Search Engine Result Pages.

A SEO friendly designed website decreases the digital marketing budget of your website. If you want stay ahead in this cut throat competitive marketing then you should design your website satisfying the factors mentioned above. Till now I hope you have understood some of the modern practices of web designs.

Next, I’ll go to some technical aspects of websites on which the costing of a website depends. Websites are basically 2 types – Dynamic and Static.
In dynamic websites you upload daily content, change small design elements etc. So it is not possible to count the number of pages. We fix the cost of web designing of these type of website depends upon categories. Here we are going to list all categories of business and relevant web designing cost.

Cost of It’s Web Design in Kolkata as per Categories

Five Page website Design cost

As per me the designing cost of five page website is vary between 3 to 5 thousand, for home page design we charge 2000 and for each pages it is 500. So costing of five page website is 2000+4*500 = 4000/-

The costing may increase if it will be dynamic or if you want to integrate email receive function. We will add mail function to it.

Cost of Classified Website Design

The cost of Classified sites are totally depends upon it’s customisation because We knows, A huge customisation required for it. As you know Justdial, sulekha, indiamart, olx and quiker are the same categories of business and as you know these are the well placed business in India. But do you know designing of these websites are still going on?…Yes! ..So how we calculate the actual cost of it’s designing.
The cost of basic structure of classified sites design is vary between 30K to 1 L. We have ready platform for it. You may review it our call our team for it’s demo.

Costing of Grocery Website Design

In grocery, there are two categories of website are available on internet, one is single vendor and other is multi vendor. In single vendor website owner manage their products, sale, purchase and shipment etc but in multi vendor, vendors manage their products, sale, order and website owner deliver their product through third party vendor.

The costing of single vendor is poor than multi vendor and costing of single vendor is vary between 25K to 75K and costing of multi vendor is vary between 50K to 3L. Application cost is not included in this package. The costing of grocery website design is also depends upon it’s customisation.

Cost of MLM Website Design

Cost of MLM website design are totally depends up on MLM plan, layout and clients requirement for an MLM business. We are expert in this domain and our software cost including designing is very between 1 L to 3 L. We are best in Kolkata for developing and designing MLM software and have setup team for it. We have ready platform which you may integrate at affordable cost. Our software cost is affordable from the market. We offer three month free support after project delivery and after three month we take minimal maintenance cost.

Cost of Recharge Website Design

HTSM Technologies and It’s Child Quickrecharge is a brand in recharge business and 100% sure no one can beat our price in India. In India 20% recharge business is connected with Quickrechage. Our recharge website design and development cost is very between 35 K to 3 Lakh.

The Costing of recharge software is depends upon type of API integration, number of API integration and customisation in website. In current trends website want to integrate recharge software in shopping site, classified site, coupons site etc in that case the costing is variable. To know more call our expert

eCommerce Website Design Cost

Like grocery site, shopping site or eCommerce site is divided in two category, Single and multi vendor shopping site. In single vendor website have only one vendor seller who sell their goods or services to multiple customers and in this process there are only two sides involved one is seller and other is buyer. The costing of single vendor website is very between 10 K To 25 K except development cost.

In multi-vendor marketplace have multiple sellers present on a platform and all vendors have a particular marketplace platform and they manage their store, products, sale, order and website owner deliver their product through third party vendor. The costing of this kinds of shopping site is vary between 20k to 80 K except development and application development cost.

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