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How to find the best MLM software developer in India

It’s really a difficult task to find out the best MLM software developer in India. But it’s an indispensable process you have to go through if you want to get success in your MLM business.

The success of your MLM business hugely depends on your MLM software. Your MLM Company needs strong software that has a stable database structure to manage its distributors’ network.

In this article, I’ll share step by step guide to finding the best MLM software developer in India. I created this guideline keeping in mind an organized sequence. Make sure you follow the step by step sequence to get the best result.

Step by step guide to finding the best MLM software developer

Step 1: Create your MLM plan

Before you choose any software developer you’ll need to have your MLM plan ready. There’s several MLM plan like

  • Binary plan
  • Matrix plan
  • Unilevel plan
  • Monoline plan
  • Generation plan
  • Hybrid plan

At first, you have to become specific and clear about what kind of plan you want to launch and how you want to manage your business.

Step 2: Point out your integration requirements

In this step, you have to outline your whole operating and managing system how you want to manage your whole business. You have to decide

  • What kind of payment gateway you want to use
  • What are the features you want to give access to your independent networkers
  • How you want to manage your logistics
  • When you want to release your payouts
  • How you want to manage your customer relationship (CRM)
  • How you maintain KYCs and many more

As per your business requirements, your developer should have the capability to integrate other third-party add-on features.

Here’re some of the features you should consider for third-party integration:

  • Lead capture and nurture
  • Payment integration
  • E-wallet
  • E-commerce
  • Shopping cart
  • Spillover
  • Sponsorship
  • Payouts
  • Feedback
  • Customer Support
  • Membership cancellation
  • Refund policy
  • Product exchange
  • Product training and workshops
  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Media coverage
  • Current offers and gifts 
  • Research and development

Step 3: Ask for quotations from several developers

Do overview research and find out some appropriate developers who are offering your required services.  Then ask for quotations from your selected companies.

This is not only for seeing who is offering cheap but also consider their experience, customer support, trial period, etc.

Step 4: Check out the their experience

At this point, you should reach out to some of the developers. You can ask them what their experiences with their software developers are.

Choosing an MLM software is not a one-time deal, it’s a life-long deal. It’s very crucial to find out if the clients of the software developer company are happy with long term experience.

Step 5: Check out behind the scenes

Before placing an order you should know your developer company more authentic and realistic way. Try to visit the company’s office premises personally. Check out all behind the scenes of the company.

Check out the professionalism and working culture of the company. Find out if there’s a team to develop MLM software. Meet with the Managing Director or Cheap of the company and the MLM software developer team.  

Step 6: Bargain the price

Now, bargaining isn’t a mandatory process for your business. Once you selected the best software developer for your MLM software development, you may try to bargain if there’s any possible way.

You should focus on the best services and prices that match your budget. But don’t go for cheap by compromising the quality of services.

Step 7: Get confirmation about after installation support

This step is the most crucial part of your MLM software development process. It’s not very hard to find out an MLM software developer and install one. But most of the problems arise after the installation.

After the installation of the MLM software, you face real time issues according to your business circumstances which are completely nonpredictable before the situation occurs. In this condition, you can assume if you can survive in the MLM industry or not.

However, you should reconfirm your technical support before closing the deal. Make sure your technical support commitment must be documented. The more you maintain legal procedure, the better.

Step 8: Close the deal

Now it’s time to close the deal. Now you know who is the best MLM software developer for your business. You can make an order.

Make sure you maintain all the legal parameters from start to finish. It makes you more comfortable legally. Keep all the documents with you so that you can handle all the necessary steps for your business in the future.

Final Words:

The best MLM software developer may not be the same for all MLM companies. It varies from business to business according to their business categories and requirements. You have to select one who is the best match for your business category and requirements.

After all, no one is perfect in the world. Don’t be too selfish all the time. Remember, any deal is two-way traffic. Try to maintain a good relationship with your developer and make it a win-win situation for both of you. 

Hope this article helped you a lot. If you still have any doubts or queries regarding your MLM software development, just connect us. Our experts are ready to guide you. 

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