Top Five Companies Providing QR Code Menus in India

QR code is thenew trend now. It is a bridge between the real world and the digital world. InQR code, unlimited data can be stored, and they can easily be retrieved via amobile phone camera or any other scanning application. In most of therestaurants, now QR codes are used for contactless customer service. It is usedfor online food orders and is used for online payment receive purposes.

Therefore, the demand for QR code service has immensely increased in almost all commercial places. With its growing demand, the number of companies offering this service has also increased simultaneously, creating trouble for the customers to choose the right one from whom they can avail the best quality service. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the top five companies in India offering QR code menu service in India. Now, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the list below –

List of Top five which you may hire?

HitechQR Code

Hitech QR is a child of HTSM Technologies, and it is one of the leading and reliable software development company in Kolkata. The best thing about HTSM is that it has got some of the leading professionals in software development, and they have years of expertise in working on different projects.

The professional developers from HTSM have worked delicately to create Hitech QR and thus have become one of the leading names in offering the QR digital menu in the industry. The professionals have created HitechQR considering different factors like user-friendly, updated software versions, and a lot more.

How HitechQR Work?

By availing HitechQRcode, you can easily start an online business – getting business orders,receiving mobile payment online, offer discounts, and so on. There is no needfor customers to download a separate mobile app for a QR code scan. The codecan be scanned easily with basic mobile POS.

HitechQR code solution is integrated with POS systems and restaurant point of sale systems. With this service, it is easy to accept online payments via credit cards and debit cards because they provide a built-in-credit card processing service with a QR code solution. The business owners can run direct promotions via this online ordering system. The management service of HTSM technologies builds a user-friendly interface that allows customers to create a QR code that can easily be read by any code reader.

Laiba Technologies

It is one of the leading QR code service providers. They believe in offering high-quality service at all times and thereby establish a reliable partnership with the customers. They are a reputed digital agency where people can find all types of mobile application services and solutions.

My menu

Are you lookingfor a personalized QR code menu design for your restaurant? If yes, then MYmenu is the right place where you can avail this service with some moreexciting features. Business owners can use this as an effective marketing tool.

Their offered QR code has an information section that allows you to upload your restaurant story. Generally, the businesses use this space to talk about their brand, the chef’s journey, share his experience, etc.


Innodel has launched a new QR menu, which is called Foodzi. It is the most cost-effective way to provide a digitalis menu experience to customers. The codes can be scanned that open the menus on the customers’ phone. It is the most easy, fast, cost-effective way to create a digitalis menu. With Foodzi, the hotels, restaurants, cafeteria, food outlets, book bakery, etc. where the business owners can provide a contact less customer experience.

EMK Enterprise

It is acomprehensive web solution provider in India, offering QR code services toalmost all types of business. They have been operating in this sector for along time, and thus, they are capable of offering the best quality service totheir customers, so they achieve their business goals.

These are the topfive companies that provide QR code menus in India. They have been operating inthis sector for a long time, and thus, you can avail the best quality solutionfrom their end.

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