Top 5 Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

Today on Internet, It is quite difficult to find trusted and affordable bulk SMS provider in Kolkata or to other city because mingle of list are available on internet. So people are getting confuse while selecting one from those list. Today I am trying to shortout this issue and provide you a right information and a short list of trusted bulk SMS service provider in your location.

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This sweet voice coming from HTSM Technology, An oldest and trusted web development company in Kolkata having 20 years experience in same domain. We gain the reputation after opening trusted service in city. We always earn the reputation through our service not through relation. We know small and big company who is offering bulk SMS service in Kolkata, India. So believe me you are at right platform to find best services provider for bulk SMS.

Top 5 bulk SMS service providers in Kolkata

MSGClub Kolkata

MSGClub is the sister-concern of HTSM technologies and one of the leading bulk SMSservice providers in Kolkata. They offer affordable bulk SMS services alongwith support and integration services. If you are setting up a new business andlooking for SMS service for promoting your business in the market, availingbulk SMS service from MSG club is the best option.

MSGclub offers the best solution as it consists of expert and experiencedprofessionals working in this sector for a long time. The business owners canavail various types of SMS service from MSG club such as delivery SMS, purchaseSMS, transactional SMS, promotional SMS, leads me service and so on. With theseeffective modes of services, you can easily reach to your target audience baseand gain maximum profit from it.


It is one of the popular SMS service providers in India. It is arenowned name in the field of bulk SMS service providers list. The company hasstarted its journey in the year 2011, and over the years, the company hasgenerated more than 2 million customers across the globe. Their offered easy SMSinterface and robust technology have made it an ideal option for the marketers.Today, millions of customers trust them for bulk SMS service. You can choosedifferent plans of your choice and requirements.


This company has secured the third position in the list of top fivebulk SMS service providers in India. The company claims to provide world-wide SMScoverage. However, there exists only one con of their service is that theiroffered SMS service plans are higher than the rest of the companies which meansit will be difficult for small entrepreneurs to avail their services orpromotional purposes.

Text Local

It is a UK based emerging company in India which is slowly gaining itspopularity. Their services are good and can prove very helpful for start-upbusinesses. However, their prices are a little bit higher and so, not everybusiness can afford their services.

SMS Horizon

It is a renowned bulk SMS service provider in India. It is mainly knownfor its 100% delivery, and therefore, it is a popular bulk SMS service providerin India. They offer various types of pricing plans to suit the needs ofvarious types of businesses.

Therefore, this is the list of top five bulk SMS service providers inIndia. . But before you choose a service provider, make sure it fulfils allyour business requirements. Don’t just go by its name; you should believe inyour own experience and try to choose one from which you can avail maximumbenefit.

The best SMS service provider is the one who will not only offeraffordable pricing to its customers but also it will have some extraordinaryfeatures that differentiate it from the rest of the service providers. Thereare many factors which should be taken into consideration for choosing the bestbulk SMS service provider.

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