How Google My Business Profile Impacts Your Local Ranking

How Google My Business Profile Impacts Your Local Ranking

Running an online business hugely depends on search engine rankings. There is throat-cutting competition in the search engine where businesses utilize SEO boosting techniques as many as possible. Google My Business is one of the easiest options available to rank higher locally. Keep reading to learn how Google My Business profile impacts your local ranking in a little bit of detail. 

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Table of contents 

  • What is Google My Business? 
  • How Google My Business Profile impacts your local ranking 
  • Final words 

What is Google My Business? 

Google My Business, also known as GMB, is a free directory that allows organizations to list their businesses on Google. Indeed, it’s far more than just a listing directory. In the real sense, it’s a complete SEO management system that takes into consideration all Google’s products such as Shopping, Maps, and general search functions to determine a business’s ranking on the search results.  

How Google My Business profile impacts your local ranking 

Google My Business is one of the most important factors that influence local ranking. Most people use smartphones or other portable devices to search for products or locate companies nowadays. Attracting local users is important for businesses, especially retailers or service providers to local areas. 

For Google My Business search results rankings, Google takes into consideration a combination of three major factors – relevance, distance, and prominence. Therefore, listing in the Google My Business directory can help improve your local ranking in many ways. 

Members of Google My Business get an appearance in the Google Maps search results more prominently. It also provides advantages of Local Pack queries and Local Finder. Furthermore, Google tends to award its listed businesses based on higher relevance scores for search results of specific locations.

Finally, around 50% of organizations fail to create a Google My Business profile. For this reason, having a strong Google My Business profile will also help you get ahead of your competition. All the above factors help businesses that optimize their profiles on Google My Business from time to time to rank higher on local search results more efficiently and constantly.    

Final words 

Your Google My Business profile has a huge impact on your local rankings. It’s an effective tool to help you get higher rankings in local search results and ahead of your competition by giving you a prominent appearance in Google Maps along with the benefits of Local Pack queries and Local Finder. 

If you’re really keen to improve your local rankings on Google search results, you should definitely consider creating a profile on Google My Business and optimizing it from time to time. 

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