What is Flutter APP Development and what are the advantages of Flutter APP Development?

Why do millions of software developers bother with flutter to develop their cross-platform application projects? In the software development industry, it was a big challenge for developers to choose the right instrument for mobile cross-platform development projects.

Flutter gave the solution. When flutter was introduced the first time, developers got a cross-platform app development solution they were looking for for a long time.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one of the most popular mobile application development instruments as well as a complete SDK (Software Development Kit) presented by Google. It has all the features to build high-quality cross-platform applications in a minimal period of time. Many businesses prefer flutter to develop their applications that can serve a large audience base.

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Advantages of Choosing Flutter for Application Development

The advantages of the flutter framework are countless. But I am discussing here some of the key advantages that developers often talk about.

Single codebase

As flatter is a cross-platform app development framework, you can write code once and use it on several platforms. You don’t need to write code for different platforms like other native frameworks. This feature saves a lot of time and energy for developers. It’s also less expensive and fast launching process for customers.


Flutter is Google’s open-source cross-platform app development toolkit. It has open developer forums that can be accessed easily. It’s a great opportunity for developers to use the documentations of the forums for their own projects.

Custom widgets

Flutter offers innumerable custom widgets to help developers to make their projects robust. You just need to create a UI element and it will adapt simultaneously according to different screens and platforms. Custom widgets make developer’s work very fast and comfortable.

Hot reload

Flutter has this unique feature that helps developers to save code changes instantly. Developers can debug the codes of any application faster and more efficiently. You don’t need to wait for updates and you can continue to develop other features without any break.

Worldwide tech community

A worldwide growing tech community always ready to serve developers. Many developers are continuously working to make flutter better and contributing to the forums. You can learn from the community and can start developing an application effortlessly.

Easy programming language

Dart has been used in flutter and it’s very similar to other popular programming languages like Java. The most popular features of Dart include garbage collection, standard library, strong typing, and more. Hence, flutter is great for beginners as well as other background developers.

Adaptable in mobile, web, and desktop

When you use the flutter app development instrument for developing your app, you can create an app for multiple platforms at a time. Flutter gives the advantage to develop apps that can adapt to several platforms like android, iOS, macOS, web, Linux, and Windows.

MVP compatible

MVP or minimum viable product is very useful for developing an application product as it represents the basic functions and gets feedback to improve the application. A flutter-made MVP is compatible with various platforms and gets feedback from multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, mobile, and so on. However, flutter-made MVP can collect user experiences from several cross platforms and help developers to improve the application in the fastest possible way.

Less testing required

As flutter offers a single codebase framework, you don’t need to change the codes to test the app across multiple platforms. It saves a lot of testing time and money for developers.

Similarity with native apps

It’s crucial for developers to deliver native apps experiences to the users. Flutter works well on native performance and productivity. It’s a very good advantage for businesses and enterprises to make their management team comfortable with their applications. The management team can manage and customize the application as per the company’s requirements.

Final words:

These are only a few key benefits for choosing flutter for your new mobile application development. Flutter offers a win-win situation for both developers and customers. It’s very cost-effective and time-saving for customers.

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