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HTSM - A Professional bulk sms service provider in Kolkata, India

Bulk sms service or SMS is not only the latest platform of marketing, but there are uncountable commercial and educational institutions that are using this beneficial effort for alerting people regarding various aspects. The most important fact is that there is hardly a person who is moving without a mobile device and in that concern such SMS supports are the best ways to knock the users.

Simply, if you are running a private airlines company or even a shopping mall, you can easily notify your targeted audience by using SMS service. The only effort you have to make is that specifying of an efficient bulk SMS service provider as with the increasing demand the availability of the professionals in the same field is uncountable and HTSM has brought some latest techniques and packages of SMS solution.

You may be searching for a bulk SMS service provider or a promotional one HTSM will provide the best. Basically, it always depends upon your business. We have already delighted our uncountable clients by providing some best packages of transactional SMS packages delivering the best timing and feedback. Our expert professionals engaged with bulk SMS solution are targeting the following aspects of your business:-

Benefits of Bulk SMS Service

Best level advertising and marketing channel:

- For any kind of business advertising and marketing is highly necessary and what a better path will be bulk sms service with some expressive word formation. Simply, you can manage million of eyes in quickest possible time by selecting SMS solution enhancing your marketing reach.

Making new customers:

If you are searching for some new customers or just going target a new business location, SMS services will help you provide the best and faster communication.

Gaining maximum reach:

To spread a new message regarding your product or service you do not have to hunt over the streets, but simply a transactional SMS will complete the job with less efforts.

Timely communication:

You can also deliver your message just according to your scheduled time. For car service providers, it will be better to inform the people about some exciting travel packages especially in the festive seasons by sending SMSs. You can easily manage such solution and timing for spreading transactional SMSs bring more and more business.

Message customization:

The customized solution will be that you can send personal SMSs like special greetings or birthday wishes to the customers by selecting transactional SMSs. It will reduce the distance from your business folk.

Cost effectiveness:

Finally, it is the matter of cost effectiveness. There is no better and fruitful advertising or marketing channel rather than SMS solution. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact HTSM and explore more about SMS solution in your city.

A. Transactional Route For Bulk SMS Service

10000 20 Paisa Per SMS 1 Year 2000 Buy Now
50000 17 Paisa Per SMS 1 Year 8500 Buy Now
1 Lakh 16 Paisa Per SMS 1 Year 16000 Buy Now
2 Lakh 15 Paisa Per SMS 1 Year 30000 Buy Now
5 Lakh 14 Paisa Per SMS 1 Year 70000 Buy Now
10 Lakh 13 Paisa Per SMS 1 Year 130000 Buy Now

+18% GST