Free SEO Training in Kolkata - A Golden Opportunity to Work With Organization

4 Month Training | Work On Live Project | In house Job Offer

Due to the substantial growth of the internet, most businesses nowadays combine ground-breaking digital marketing techniques to drive their sales and traffic.

But these businessmen cannot optimise their site’s SERP performance on their own. They need an expert who has in-depth knowledge about Search Engine Optimisation along with current trends that are making waves in this venture.

Believe it or not- “You can be that expert.” Yes, you heard right! HTSM Technologies provide you with comprehensive SEO training in Kolkata FREE OF COST! . HTSM Technologies is the oldest web design, development and promotion company in Kolkata hosted at Bentic Street, Nearest to Dharmatalla.

A Golden Opportunity Totally Free Of Cost

We have well trained and experienced SEO specialists to teach you about both on-page and off-page optimisation. You will also learn about the basic theory behind Google Search, other search engine algorithms along with both practical and real-world skills to make a high-demanding and lucrative career.

THE BIG CATCH: Along with imparting an in-depth knowledge about SEO, we will present you a golden opportunity to work on some of our live in-house projects, as well!

So, if you wish to learn digital marketing and work on our on-going project, then grab hold of this golden opportunity for you. We also provide incentive after our course completion by welcoming to work on our in-house project as one us.

“In other words; you don’t necessarily need to search for any job after our course completion.”

Why It is Free?

It is our ambition to generate hope in aspiring students along, as well as, in every single one of our clients. We believe that we have the knowledge and resources to make a difference in the SEO realm. And with our quality training, we know that our SEO specialists will arouse more interest among the end users, turn them from potential leads to customers, and eventually drive profitable sales.

If you think that it is totally a barter service in which you get a chance to work with an organization and learn digital marketing. In other hands, we get benefited from your work.

A Sneak Peek into Our In-depth SEO Training

What You Learn:

  • Performing a complete analysis on a web page.
  • Formulating a solid strategy for achieving productivity and strengthening relationships with clients and even third-party vendors.
  • Collaborating and analysing important data to check which content is getting more views, shares and traffic.
  • Creating a final SEO report of your recommended SEO and even sharing those with the client/business owner.

What Else?

  • Comprehending and mastering technical SEO factors
  • Site optimisation to improve a web page’s load time, navigation and other key aspects in complete adherence to accepted SEO guidelines.
  • Getting indexed into regularly used search engines.
  • Webmaster utilization, Local SEO aspects, keyword researching, link building from scratch.
  • Safeguarding the site from any adverse or negative SEO practices.
  • Getting more adept in handing premium SEO tools like WordAi, Articleforge, Articlebuilder, Ahref, etc.

Empowering You towards Your Goal!

Our free SEO training courses will give you that competitive edge to shine about the rest. So, if you’re striving to make a lucrative career as an SEO executive, enrol for our courses. We will guide you to the path of success.

Why only HTSM for SEO training in Kolkata

It is 100% free for all

It is 100% free for all, No hidden cost for it.

Work On Live Project

We give a chance to work in-house live project in Training period.

In House job

No need to search job after course completion. We provide In-house job opportunity with a great incentive.

Industry Based Training

All seo training institute in Kolkata provide you theoretical training which is quite difficult to apply it in live project.

Expert Trainer

We have experts’ panel of knowledgeable SEO specialists to conduct your training.

Work For CMS platform

We provide training for all CMS platform like Wordpress, Laravel, OpenKart, Blogger etc.