Cloud Based Sales CRM

Cloud Based Sales CRM

The Really Simple Systems Sales CRM is an essential tool to manage your customers and prospects by keeping track of your interactions with them. It has been designed with the user in mind; it’s easy to set up and you can train your team in minutes. It includes everything you and your sales team need to manage your customers, prospects and sales. And its fast search and data entry works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Our cloud based sales crm having following modules:

Admin panel

Customer management
o Add Customer
o Edit/view customer
o Create contact
o Active/ Inactive Customers
Sales management
o Create proposals
o send / Save Proposal
o Create Invoice
o Send invoice
o Auto generate invoice
o Auto Send invoice due notification or mail
o View payments
o Add credit notes
o Add item
o View/edit item
o Add item group
Expense management
o Manage expanses
o Auto create expenses
o Create Expense category
Contract management
o Create contract
o View/edit contract
Project management
o Create project
o View/edit project
o Create project task
o View project work progress
o Assign project to team members
o Make discussion for project
o Create milestones for project
Task management
o Create task
o Assign task to team members
o View task report
o Check/change status of task
o Task management
Support management
o Create ticket
o View ticket
o Assign ticket
o Change ticket status
Leads management
o Create Leads
o View/edit Leads
o Change lead status
o Assign lead to team members
o View leads by source
o View leads by members
Knowledge management
o Create article
o View/edit articles
o Report management
o View/export Sales report
o View/export expenses report
o View/export Leads report
o View/export Income report
System setup
o Create staff
o View/edit staff
o Create department
o Manage customer groups
o Ticket setting
o Department setting
o Service setting
o Lead setting
o Invoice setting
o Tax setting
o Language setting
o Contract setting
o Custom filed setting
o Theme setting
o Menu setting
o Company setting
Staff panel
o Manage from admin panel
Customer panel
o Login/register
o Edit profile
o view Project report
o View invoice
o Pay invoice
o Create task
o View task status
o Create ticket
o View ticket status

Demo Panel
user :
pass : admin

Administrative Panel available on demand. write mail to